188. Melissa Blynn – Nurturing Your Love and Breaking Self-Limiting Beliefs

Joining us, we have a fellow sister from Aubrey Marcus’ Fit for Service Mastermind that Lance joined at the start of the year. In this episode, we are healing and empowering our minds and bodies. Founder of EpicLuv, behaviour/functional medicine coach, holistic nutritionist, we have the powerful Melissa Blynn. Melissa’s story is filled with raw emotion, pain, growth, and spirituality. She is a leading example of how trauma does not have to define your life and stop you from finding peace. Lance and Melissa share their stories of adversity together and explore why we refuse the call from life. Readers and listeners who have trauma and pain in your hearts, stay until the end to hear Melissa’s advice for you to grow and prosper.


Melissa answers with, “I matter, and everything I want also matters. I am that powerful enough to create it.”


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