171. Roman Prokopchuk – Finding Strength in Vulnerability

In today’s heartfelt episode, Lance is joined by the founder of Nova Zora Digital & host of the Digital Savage Experience podcast, Roman Prokopchuk. Roman shares his story of being a first-generation immigrant from Ukraine & how that affected his life as a digital marketer. Opening up about his adversities, Roman shares the miscarriages he & his wife have experienced & how they have impacted their lives. Giving insight on what it’s really like to be a foster parent, Roman shares the significance of why fostering is so important. The passion Roman feels for his fostering experience is revealed as he speaks about the joy his foster children bring to his life & how proud he feels to provide a home.


Robert answers with “Keep learning from your experiences.”


  • [00:02:49] Roman’s Childhood
  • [00:14:43] Roman’s Marketing Journey
  • [00:21:31] How Can You Maximize Your SEO?
  • [00:36:33] How’s it Been Since Adoption?
  • [00:45:14] When Do Foster Parents Get to Decide on Adoption?

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