Take Back The Control Of Your Life w/Lance Essihos EP 381

Happy Monday UofA Family! I hope the first half of 2022 has been meaningful and enriching to your life.

I wanted to do this solo episode to talk about the things that are going on right now and give some updates. This past season has taken me through experiences that have forced me to stretch out of my comfort zone and build mental toughness. I had to invest in my personal development to grow to the next level. 

Life forces you to adapt and pivot. Maybe you are in a season where you are having to make some important decisions. This episode can help you through that.


  • 05:06 Simple steps to building mental toughness and resilience 
  • 13:51 How to train yourself to listen to your body and focus on your wellbeing
  • 23:17 Reaching your highest frequency and vibration 
  • 27:58 Lessons that entrepreneurship can teach you 
  • 39:39 Listen to this if you are struggling to believe in yourself 


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