The Exploration Of Spirituality w/Ryan J Kemp EP 382

Ryan J kemp is a Teacher & Guide of The Regenerative Leadership Academy and Speaker & Founder of Pueo Regenerative Consultancy. Born in Beverly Massachusetts, he grew up in the towns of Salem and Andover. Ryan authored several books such as The Age of Separation, A Holistic Framework for Reclaiming our Power, and Saving Our Planet.

On today’s episode, Ryan shares his journey of how he left playing baseball to explore spirituality. He traveled to different countries for 11 years and in that journey, he unlearnt all of the things that prevented him from truly expressing his true authentic self. He talked about how we need to move away from the ‘I’ mentality and make conscious choices not to harm others and the planet by our actions. Ryan also explained the term ‘Regenerative Leadership’. Tune in to listen to this powerful conversation!


  • 01:02 The transition from professional baseball to studying Chinese philosophy
  • 12:29 Exploring spirituality through psychedelics and teachings of a yogi
  • 19:18 The most useful piece of advice from an elder for the younger generation
  • 26:46 Understanding the word ‘culture’ and its misinterpretation
  • 35:10 Exploring the term “Regenerative Leadership”
  • 43:37 Acting from the place of the ‘heart’ versus the ‘head’

🥇“What advice do you have for someone who is struggling with adversity right now”🥇

Ryan says, “A key step in regeneration is decomposition. In order for new life to thrive, parts of the ecosystem that are of no value to the harmony of the network must be transmuted into food for new life. Without death, there is no life.”


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