100. Lance W Essihos – The Power of Podcasting and Life Transformations

In this 100th episode, Lance reminisces about the past 100 episodes and shares how University of Adversity podcast came to be. He talks about the growth of the podcast, the journey through different adversities in business and personal life as well as how effective communication has helped him grow into the person he is today.

Lance reminds us of the importance of giving value to other people’s lives and elevating them through inspiration. He also talks about the significance of building real and strong relationships by being authentic and true to yourself. He also gets into his own personal growth and how it can overflow and open new doors in your life too.


  • [00:02:00] What ignited University of Adversity podcast
  • [00:07:38] Importance and the potential of podcasting
  • [00:11:20] Impact of any type of relationships in your personal development
  • [00:12:15] Personal development through retreats and kundalini yoga
  • [00:14:24] Maximizing yoga to heal yourself and raise your vibration
  • [00:19:40] My Break Up
  • [00:21:00] Benefits of Journaling
  • [00:22:00] Importance of effective communication
  • [00:24:20] Appreciating this journey


Lance answered ; “You have to be able to appreciate both the good and bad, because there is value in both.”

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About University of Adversity Podcast

Learn how to shift your perspective on adversity by understanding that although adversity may feel like your worst enemy, it is actually your greatest ally. My mission is to connect with unique and inspiring individuals and showcase their journey and what they have gone through in order to become successful in their lives. Tune in three times a week with Lance Essihos for your gold-filled lesson of inspiration, resilience, and bravery. Don’t forget to subscribe!