The Secret To BEQOMING Everything You Didn’t Know You Wanted w/Azrya & Benjamin Bequer EP 365

Azrya and Benjamin Bequer are the co-founding stewards of BEQOMING, a platform that provides transformational tools, stories, and media to help people see beyond the veil of who they thought they were supposed to be and awaken their full-spectrum aliveness.

On today’s episode, Lance, Benjamin and Azrya talk about how to free yourself from things that restrain you and follow your intuition. They talk about what it means to be unfuckwithable in the world we live in and how plant medicine and psychedelic experiences have brought them on an accelerated path of transformation.

🥇“What advice do you have for someone who is struggling with adversity right now”🥇

Benjamin says “Our egos are often the thing that keeps us from being fully alive. We use our egos to wall up and protect ourselves but they actually end up doing the opposite of protecting us.”


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  • 08:17 Benjamin and Azrya’s journey of love and meeting each other
  • 25:04 The power of psychedelics and how to navigate plant medicine journeys
  • 43:21 How to listen to and trust your intuition
  • 53:00 Learning through dyslexia 
  • 1:05:28 Benjamin’s healing journey through losing his father

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