Top 20 Most Memorable Guests w/Lance W Essihos EP 402

Today’s episode is a solo celebratory episode for University of Adversity reaching its 400th episode since it started! Lance recounts his journey from the time he decided to start the podcast in 2018 and how far he’s come since then. He shares his plans of stepping into his own abilities and doing more solo episodes. Over the years, Lance interviewed some of the most inspirational and successful people on the planet. And in order to honor the 400 episodes, he compiled 20 of his most memorable guests. Listen to the episode to find out who they are!


  • 11:04 The genesis of University of Adversity podcast 
  • 15:51 The power of trusting in your abilities 
  • 18:05 List of 20 most inspiring people 
  • 48:43 Perks of following your intuition 


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