The Quest To Unlock Your Creative And Spiritual Passion w/Emily Pereira EP 303

Emily Pereira is an author, international retreat leader, and women’s coach, specializing in helping women call in heart-thumping-passionate-I-got-your-back-no-matter-what love. Her favorite moniker from her clients— is “Relationship Whisperer”. After 13 years of intensive and extensive spiritual training and exploration, she has amassed a treasure trove of astonishing wisdom and powerful practices and used these to heal her own love story, and transform her life. Over the years, she has helped hundreds of women do the same. After 32 years she finally discovered the storehouses of dormant creative passion that brought her to the magic inside her and led her to write, sing, play guitar, paint, and dance burlesque. Most people have no idea how connected the creative and the spiritual really are. Tapping into this dynamic duo can trigger a cascade of powerful changes so that you can transform past resentments into gratitude, and cultivate real confidence. 


  • [00:02:26] How Emily moved to Costa Rica 
  • [00:08:13] Adversity leads you to “the quest”
  • [00:23:23] The quest is about what you get along the journey, not at the destination
  • [00:27:08] Experiencing deep gratitude through the hardships of 2020
  • [00:42:08] The right relationships will come alongside the journey of your healing


Emily says, “You don’t have to worry as much about trusting “him” if you truly trust yourself.”

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