212. Jas Takhar – The Importance of Self Love

Joining Lance today is co-founder of REC Canada, host of one of the top business podcasts in the country, “The REC Experience”, real estate investment broker & author of “Real Estate Intelligence”, Jas Takhar. Jas has been in the sales & service industry for over 25 years. Not long after he decided to give real estate investing a shot, he co-founded REC. Within 15 years, Jas has successfully propelled his team to the 1st place position in Canada under Royal LePage. Jas & his team advise & assist over 700 buyers, sellers & investors, yearly, across the Greater Toronto Area.  Jas’ area of expertise is in helping investors build out their real estate portfolios. Tune in to hear Lance & Jas discuss the importance of having a strong team to support you & that loving yourself first will ensure your cup is always full.


Jas answers with, “Shut out the noise.”


  • [00:10:02] How Does Someone Unlearn Hate?
  • [00:19:04] The Importance of Relationships
  • [00:31:25] Encourage Growth Without Pushing
  • [00:42:36] Biggest Struggle/Challenge Jas has Faced
  • [00:56:43] Takeaways From Gary Vaynerchuk

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