163. Kyrin Dunston MD – Unlocking The Brilliant Health We Deserve

From an external view, someone can have a “perfect life.” Picket fence, happy family, but deep inside, they can be suffering and in great chronic pain. Our incredible guest today shares her life as a doctor of medicine who felt she wasn’t being honest to herself or her patients. Joining us, we have Kyrin Dunston MD. Sharing her story with Lance, Kyrin expresses how she always felt she was meant to be a doctor. Lance and Kyrin unpack the journey of her views on medicine shifting from what she was taught traditionally, such as the history of medicine, misconceptions about cancer, and how making small nutritional changes can benefit you. Listen until the end to hear her views on toxic mindsets and becoming more open to alternative medicines.


Dr. Kyrin answers with, “Just keep going. Adversity is not bad, it is the stimulus that makes you grow.”


[00:03:26] Kyrin’s Story

[00:08:39] Kyrin’s Shift Of Views On Medicine

[00:19:17] Historical Evolution of Medicine

[00:25:58] Misconceptions About Cancer

[00:33:42] Small Nutritional Changes That Will Benefit You

[00:38:00] Removing Toxic Mindsets

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