147. Samantha Lotus – Awakening To Your Own Self and Choosing Life

In this contentious episode, diet and nutrition are explored in a spiritually illuminating and engaging manner. The philosophy and morales of meat-eating and veganism are explored with our enlightened and holistic guest. Joining us, we have a business coach and an expert in holistic nutritional practice, Samantha Lotus. Lance and Samantha jump into the discussion right away by unpacking Samantha’s upbringing of a“Standard North American lifestyle,” to Samantha’s close encounter with death at the age of 26. Samantha shares her beliefs with Lance on the topic of vegans and meat-eaters at conflict with one another, and how meat alternatives may be harming the environment. Samantha and Lance practice a manifestation activity, as well as all kinds of elaborate views and thoughts, are shared in this thought-provoking episode. 


Samantha answers with, “I get to choose myself fully and really honor myself, I am my own soulmate.”


  • [00:04:34] Samantha’s Upbringing
  • [00:16:03] Samantha’s Diet History
  • [00:23:17] Veganism, Meat-Eating & Different Beliefs
  • [00:37:55] Meat Alternatives and The Environment
  • [01:02:25] Manifestation Activity

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