245. Walter Roth – How To Use Suffering as Your Advantage

Joining Lance today we have CEO of Inward, founder of Moment Sales, founder of MindfulnessDailyApp, and sales coach and mentor, Walter Roth. Walter helps leaders and organizations create moment-to-moment sales awareness and alignment to deliver on their promise slogan of less selling, more sales. Walter has driven the initial sales and sales process for multiple startups across technology, media, and service providers. He has raised over $6M in funding for his own startups and advises founders and venture capitalists in fundraising. Walter and Lance explore becoming self-aware of the meaning of your suffering, learning your core truth, and why many entrepreneurs are scared of outcomes? Stay tuned until the end to hear Walter’s sales process and what leads him to success.


  • [00:03:45] Walter’s Background
  • [00:08:49] How Our Life Events Shape How We Help Others
  • [00:19:57] Getting To The Core Truth & Fear
  • [00:24:23] Why Are We Scared Of The Outcome?
  • [00:39:37] Walter’s Sales Process


Walter answers with, “The suffering that comes from adversity is our greatest friend and a source of your rocket fuel.”

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